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Determine bottlenecks
Restore systems + DB
Entry-level employees earn just under 40,000 euros per year. An employee with significant professional experience can look forward to around 90,000 euros. The average salary is 60,000 euros. However, these sums can vary depending on the company and location. The size of the respective company is also essential.

As we know, BASIS is a set of tools. This tool has the following different functionalities.
In addition, the SAP Basis team can easily implement new functionality in the new system - without compromising the security, stability or quality of the previous function, which would be the case with non-certified and inexperienced people. Smooth implementation is enabled by project experience, training and certificates.

In some cases, the term SAP Basis is also equated with the administration of an SAP system, i.e. with a task description. In this case, it refers to the management and control of SAP systems via various administration and monitoring tools.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" are extremely useful in basic administration.

We actively support you in the migration of operating systems and databases.

However, the scope of activities has changed significantly in terms of tasks and technology and will continue to change in view of SAP's perspective and product strategy and the changing roles of IT.
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