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Integrated Introduction Activities:
No additional costs in Enterprise Support
If you are interested in the details of our offer or have further questions, please leave your contact details. A consultant will get in touch with you and resolve all your questions.

Our schedule of expert services is still in the beginning. We expect customers to make greater use of this service. A special advantage for all our customers is that they do not incur additional costs for Next-Generation Support Services - they are automatically part of the support contract.
SAP Roadmaps
Please do not hesitate. Every request also helps us to improve the system and our working methods.

We focus all our actions on the results you need. With our Success Experience offerings, Success Extensions and Success Services, we help you to combine and implement your vision and technology strategy to achieve the desired results from day one.

A useful product - "Shortcut for SAP Systems" - is available for SAP Support employees.

And from that, the cause of the disorder is now to be identified.

Learn how we have simplified our service and support portfolio to help our customers quickly add value and be successful on a lasting basis.
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